About company

New level of trade

We are a young, dynamically developing and rather ambitious company, the secrets of success of which we are ready to share with our customers!

The exchange is like a wild jungle, where danger lies everywhere, and the greatest danger is the person himself.Traders harm themselves: first mindlessly risk, destroy their capital and then fall into depression.

As they accumulate of trading experience each trader sooner or later comes to understand the need for an auxiliary software that will help:

Control the risk

Relieve from routine work on the processing of applications

Will help to search for the most profitable securities and transactions

As a result, will bring trade to a new, more qualitative and comfortable, and, most importantly, a stable level of work in this area.

Investment soft Molly bot was earned in the UK in 2016 and successfully proved itself in testing and practice.

The founder and chief executive director Marcin Krzysztof has long perfected and modernized utilities, trading tactics having achieved brilliant results, creating an ideal system making profit around the clock.

Investment advisor

Molly Bot – this is a high-tech investment robot that operates on the basis of experience, economic strategies and theories of the world's leading brokers.

Provides a social investment platform that allows users (beginners) to multiply their money! Our robot is created in order that he independently invested money in reliable, high-yielding financial instruments and earned a good profit on it.

It should be noted that the Molly bot can, not in principle be unprofitable, incomes are often greater than the costs.

The company of the Molly bot certainly works in the direction of earning bitcoin. Auctioneers of the company was formed and launched a fairly large “farm” for the mining of crypto currency.

Cryptotrading becomes a recognized and legitimate business direction and a separate industry of investment, which has been recognized at the highest international level.

So the creators of the Molly Bot decided to send the remaining resource of their technological development to bitcoin mining. This opens new and broad prospects for all growth and development of business for all cryptrending operators.

Guarantees at the state level make the existence of the industry stable and predictable, and a steady increase in the volatility of the main crypto currency quotations create a basis for attracting to this industry a growing number of new investors from around the world.

Search for profitable deals
Robot Molly acts on a strict mathematical algorithm, never makes mistakes in calculations and never misses a profitable deal!
Market analysis
Robot Molly is much faster than a person calculates risks and makes an application. Market analysis takes place every second.
Making decisions
Robot Molly does not have emotions and does not hesitate in making decisions, freeing from analytical work.

High and risk-free return on invested funds will help us develop and improve our investment methods and strengthen our positions in the international market of cryptotrade technologies.

In addition, the prospects for the development of our company are inseparably and organically connected with the new technologies of crypto currency trading and are based on the use of innovative date transfer systems using ultra-fast information channels of communication.

We are confident that our progress will be sustained and unswerving over the years and we are doing everything we can to ensure that in the path of this progress we can help in our own finansial development to the greatest possible number of few customers.