New Year's action

New Year's holidays are already on the threshold! The long-awaited time of gifts is approaching, we have been waiting for this for a year.

Molly is not Santa Claus, but he also gives presents! Only in the period from 13.12.2017 to 1.01.2018 inclusive!

The time of realization of all desires and hopes. And we in turn give you a super-profitable Happy year!

Recharge your balance in the Molly system from $ 2000 and more and get a bonus of 10% of the amount of your deposit!

You receive 10% of the deposit amount + earn 2.4% (VIP terms)

* Clients can work at once on several tariff plans and get bonus 10% at the same time, by opening a deposit (s) in the period from 13.12.2017 to 1.01.2018.